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    Polarization in Spectral Lines
    Polarization in Spectral Lines

    M/Landolfi Landi Degl'Innocenti

    Polarization in Spectral Lines

    • 9781402024146
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    Inhaltsangabe1: Description of Polarized Radiation. 2: Angular Momentum and Racah Algebra. 3: Atomic Spectroscopy. 4: Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field (Non-Relativistic Theory). 5: Interaction of Material Systems with Polarized Radiation (The Classical Approach). 6: Interaction of Material Systems with Polarized Radiation (The Quantum Approach). 7: Statistical Equilibrium Equations and Radiative Transfer Coefficients for Atomic Systems. 8: Radiative Transfer for Polarized Radiation. 9: Line Formation in a Magnetic Field. 10: Non-Equilibrium Atomic Physics. 11: Astrophysical Applications: Solar Magnetometry. 12: Astrophysical Applications: Radiation Anisotropy in Stellar Atmospheres. 13: Astrophysical Applications: The Outer Layers of Stellar Atmospheres. 14: Astrophysical Applications: Stellar Atmospheres. Appendix: A1. A Fortran Code for Computing 3-j, 6-j, and 9-j Symbols. A2. Sample Evaluation of a Quantity Involving the Contraction of 3-j Coefficients. A3. Momentum and Angular Momentum of the Electromagnetic Field. A4. Multipole Components of Collisional Rates. A5. Explicit Expression for the Exponential of the Propagation Matrix. A6. Diagonalization of the Propagation Matrix. A7. Formulae for the Calculation of the Evolution Operator. A8. The Feautrier Method: Numerical Details. A9. The Diagonal Element Lambda-Operator (DELO) Method: Numerical Details. A10. Equivalent Width in the Presence of Depth-Dependent Line Shifts. A11. Net Circular Polarization in Blends. A12. Evolution Operator in Stochastic Media. A13. Properties of the Generalized Profiles. A14. Properties of the Symbol [WKK'Q(&bgr;1L1S&bgr;uLu; B)]fs. A15. A Property of the Hopf Function. A16. A Numerical Algorithm for the Solution of the Hopf Equation. A17. Symmetry Properties of the Comoving-Frame Radiation Field Tensor for a Cylindrically Symmetrical Atmosphere. A18. Redistribution Matrix for a Maxwellian Distribution of Velocities. A19. Properties of the Kernel &Kgr;&kgr;QQ'(R£Y/Y£). A20. The Multipole Coupling Coefficients. A21. The Calculation of a Double Integral. A22. The Generalization of the √&egr;-Law. A23. The Generalized Multipole Coupling Coefficients. A24. Reduced Matrix Elements for Photoionization Cross Sections. List of Tables. References. Author Index. Subject Index.
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