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    Controlling Visibility of Class Extensions
    Controlling Visibility of Class Extensions

    Alexandre Bergel

    Controlling Visibility of Class Extensions

    • 9783639165180
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    Unanticipated changes to complex software systems canintroduce anomalies such as duplicated code, suboptimalinheritance relationships and a proliferation of run-timedowncasts. Refactoring to eliminate these anomalies may not be an option, atleast in certain stages of software evolution.A class extension is a method that is defined in amodule, but whose class is defined elsewhere. Class extensionsoffer a convenient way to incrementally modify existingclasses when subclassing is inappropriate. Unfortunately existingapproaches suffer from various limitations. Either classextensions have a global impact or they have a purely local impact, withnegative results for collaborating clients. Furthermore, conflicting classextensions are either disallowed, or resolved by linearization, withsubsequent negative effects.To solve these problems we present classboxes, amodule system for object-oriented languages that provides forbehavior refinement (i.e., method addition and replacement). Moreover,the changes made by a classbox are only visible to that classbox(or classboxes that import it), a feature we call local rebinding.
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