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    Spatial and Social Disparities
    Spatial and Social Disparities

    Spatial and Social Disparities

    • 9789048187492
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    InhaltsangabeForeword: John Pullinger.- 1: Spatial and Social Disparities: John Stillwell et al.- 2: Demographic and Deprivation Change in the UK: Paul Norman.- 3: England's Changing Social Geography: Daniel Vickers.- Geographical Modelling of Happiness and Well-being: Dimitris Ballas.- 5: Geographic Analysis of Cultural Consumption: Orion Brook et al.- 6: Struggling onto the Ladder, Climbing the Rungs, Employment and Class Positions of Minority Ethnic Groups in Britain: Yaojun Li and Anthony Heath.- 7: Occupational Segregation and Concentration: An Analysis by Sex, Employment Status and Ethnic Group in England and Wales: Daniel Guinea-Martin et al.- 8: Effects of Employment on Cardiovascular Risk: Claudia Thomas.- 9: Employment and Health Trajectories: Gopalakrisham Netuveli.- 10: The Circumstances and Attitudes of Different Muslim Groups in England and Europe: Saffron Karlsen and James Nazroo.- 11: Investigating Inequalities in Educational Attainment: Michelle Jackson.- 12: The Making of Social Values: Education and Social Class: Paula Surridge.- 13: Re-evaluating the Links Between Social Trust, Institutional Trust and Civic Association: Nick Allum et al.- 14: Sacralisation by Stealth? The Demography of Desecularisation: Eric Kaufmann.- Index
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