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    Ekklesiologische Spiegelungen
    Ekklesiologische Spiegelungen

    Ekklesiologische Spiegelungen

    • 9783374042807
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    [Ecclesiological Reflections. How Churches are Echoed in Liturgies] The various discussions about the structuring of church services today are informed by a corresponding variety of images of the church. Every liturgical action implies and produces them. Issues of denominational identity, e. g. Lutheran identity, but also ecumenical dynamics, emerge to the surface in liturgy. Here, shifts and changes in ecclesial self-understanding and cultural and religious metamorphoses become obvious. The contributions of this volume trace the images of the church as they show themselves in contemporary liturgical developments in an open or hidden way. They identify ways of dealing with the changing forms of church service in which the church is manifesting itself.
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