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    Infrared Atmospheric Background Modeling
    Infrared Atmospheric Background Modeling


    Infrared Atmospheric Background Modeling

    • 9783838313146
    49,00 €
    A Fast Model For Computing Infrared Atmospheric Background Effects presents the atmospheric background modeling and the importance of the atmospheric profile during the computations of absorbtion,emission and scattering effects of the atmosphere.This book is focusing the question thay "Is it possible to determine the "effective" height range for the sea level midlatitude clear wheather conditions in the three special wavelength bands,1-3,3-5,8-12 micrometers?The main purpose of this work is to present a fastmodel to shorten the time for the calculations of infrared atmospheric background processes,which will be helpful for the designers of the infrared atmospheric background simulations contributing in various areas of remote sensing and electronic warfare.Furthermore, this book is also useful for the researchers working on the development of infrared systems for the real time applications.
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