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  • Political Theology II

    Carl Schmitt

    Political Theology II

    • 9780745642536
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    InhaltsangabeEditors' Introduction. Notes on the Translation. Guideline for the reader. Introduction. I. The Myth of the Ultimate Theological Closure. 1. The Content of the Myth. 2. Hans Barion's Critique of Political Theology. 3. The Contemporary Significance of the Myth of Closure. (Hans Maier Ernst Feil Ernst Topitsch). II. The Legendary Document. 1. The Genesis and the Historical limits of the Matter. 2. Politicotheological Interpolation: le roi règne il ne gouverne pas. 3. The Limits of the Matter and Question from the Political Side: Monarchy. 4. The Limits of the Matter and Question from the Theological Side: Monotheism. 5. Eusebius as the Prototype for Political Theology. 6. The Confrontation between Eusebius and Augustine. III. The Legendary Conclusion. 1. The Claims of the Conclusion. 2. The Assertive Power of the Conclusion. Postscript. On the Current Situation of the Problem: The Legitimacy of Modernity. Appendix: 'Peterson's conclusion and concluding footnote.'. Index
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