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  • Asyl- und Ausländerrecht

    Kay Hailbronner

    Asyl- und Ausländerrecht

    • 9783170229945
    32,90 €
    Since the publication of the second edition, the right of residence and asylum has been adapted to comply with numerous EU directives and regulations. The jurisdiction of the ECJ and the European Court of Human Rights increasingly determines the interpretation and evolution of immigration law. This new edition presents the main fields of immigration law, the right of asylum and the right to freedom of movement within the EU based on legal reforms and the most recent legislation. The book takes into account the fundamental changes that the Immigration Act has undergone as a result of the EU Highly-qualified Directive (also known as the Blue Card Directive), the Directive for returning illegally staying third-country nationals and the Visa Code. As before, the book places special emphasis on practicebased explanations. Case studies aid ease of understanding.
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