nonequilibrium properties of classical and quantum manyparticle systems is one

of the goals of contemporary statistical mechanics. Besides its own interest

for the theoretical foundations of irreversible thermodynamics(e.g. of the

Fourier's law of heat conduction), this topic is also relevant to develop

innovative ideas for nanoscale thermal management with possible future applications

to nanotechnologies and effective energetic resources.The first part of the

volume (Chapters 1-6) describes the basic models, the phenomenology and the

various theoretical approaches to understand heat transport in low-dimensional

lattices (1D e 2D). The methods described will include equilibrium and nonequilibrium

molecular dynamics simulations, hydrodynamic and kinetic approaches and the

solution of stochastic models.The second part

(Chapters 710) deals with applications to nano and microscale heat transfer,

as for instance phononic transport in carbon-based nanomaterials, including the

prominent case of nanotubes and graphene. Possible future developments on

heat flow control and thermoelectric energy conversion will be outlined.

This volume aims at

being the first step for graduate students and researchers entering the field

as well as a reference for the community of scientists that, from different

backgrounds (theoretical physics, mathematics, material sciences and

engineering), has grown in the recent years around those themes.